About Us

Our Mission

To help men find their desired look and feel their best which will help them be their best. Masterpiece Men’s Consignment is dedicated to helping men find their desired look and feel their best which will help them be their best. In recent years, we have been partnering with High Schools in the greater Cincinnati area to dress young men in underserved communities for various events such as prom and interviews. Beyond this, they are also committed to teach these young men how to dress in the future.

Since COVID-19, Masterpiece Men’s Consignment has started a program called “You Are a Masterpiece.” Within this program, they will help men, young and old, from underserved communities prepare for interviews. Within this preparation, these men will learn how to dress and proper interviewing skills to have. 


About Our Business

Masterpiece Men’s Consignment is a high-end online fashion store with budget friendly prices. With items from Coach, Tasso Elba, Kenneth Cole, Polo, Versace, Calvin Klein, and many more.  We screen, research, and hand select each item ensuring quality product for 100% customer satisfaction. Because we value integrity, we search a variety of sources and suppliers including our customers to acquire authentic, upscale, gently used and new items. 


About the Founders  

We are two childhood friends with a common desire and passion to help men young and old achieve their desired look and be their best! We were raised by God fearing and loving men who took pride in their appearance. From their clothes selection, grooming styles and their decision to wear quality clothing even if on a budget they were men rooted in faith, love, and family. Our fathers understood the value of a first impression and how it not only represents an expression of who you are but the depth of your character. We are inspired by the men of our past and present to motivate, encourage, and help men be their personal best. Through outreach we will help men enter into the workforce by donating clothing and time in training preparing them outwardly so they have the confidence inwardly to reach their dreams.