Brick 939 Pop Up Shop!!!

Most of you may be wondering what I am talking about when I say Brick 939 Pop Up Shop, but for my business partner and I it was a life changing event. Last weekend ( Dec 12&13) we did a pop up shop here in Cincinnati, Ohio in an area known as Walnut Hills. This is a city that is currently being reinvented to reflect a more socially aware community that will enhance the quality of life in Walnut Hills and surrounding communities.

This event was created by 3 gentleman who have a dream to encourage, inspire, create, and motivate entrepreneurs. The space was 10,000 square feet and filled with local entrepreneurs daring to fulfill their dreams.  

As entrepreneurs we are passionate about our desire to improve the lives, confidence, and social awareness of young men in our community. Brick 939 gave us the opportunity to engage with other entrepreneurs who share our vision and motivation. We were inspired by a room full of people sharing a common purpose while daring to make a difference and be that change or shall I say that chance for their community and family. 

We left this event with new found hope, inspiration, and understanding. We truly understand that how a man looks determines his expression of his inner self. So our commitment is to continue to inspire men to look their best and be their best through our fashion. We understand that fashion is an outward expression of an inward perception of self and we want men to positively reflect who they are in the way they express themselves through fashion.

Thank You for being our customers and know that you are helping to change lives with every purchase!


Shanelle and Dawn

"The Ladies of Masterpiece Men's Consignment"