What is it about that Bow Tie?

That bow tie is an awesome piece of art  that comes in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from.   They are great for any occasions, weddings, work, school, going out or just chillin.   I love to see men in bow ties, it gives them a professional look, a formal look, but my favorite it gives a handsome look to any outfit. 
Now, I am a single mom with a teenage mom and learning about how to tie this piece of art was a challenge for me.  Researching on you tube was my beginning and let me tell you there are some awesome videos to help us single mothers out there! But if you are not into trying to go this route, you can also buy a pre-tied version of a bow tie.   I tell my son that when wearing a bow tie you are making a statement, so wear it well and behave like a gentleman.  There are several different bow ties that I like and you may have your own preference, but here are some of my favorites brands:

  1. The Original Penguin Bow Tie -  There is a self-tie adjustable and a pre-tied.
  2. Pensee Bow Tie
  3. Daniel Cremieux

You can purchase some of these bow ties on my site at masterpiececonsignment.com!