What Does It Mean To Dress Sharp?

1.  Dressing sharp means to wear clean clothes that fit

Dressing sharp for all young men, regardless of profession, is to wear clothing that is free from tears, rips, stains. Clean clothes.

Not only should you make sure your clothes are clean, you should also make sure they fit. Extra large may feel comfortable, but wearing clothes a size or two too big does not do justice. Fitted does not mean restrictive! We may think that fitted clothes will be too tight and will limit the sense of freedom. On the contrary, fitted clothing will seem to be weightless. Why? Fitted clothing requires less fabric to achieve the sense of freedom, thus less weight. Fitted clothing is loose wear normally tight and snug wear normally loose.

2.  Dressing sharp means to be aware of personal style

Building on clean and fitted clothes, the next level of dressing sharp is to be aware of personal style.

The way of mastering this awareness is to disregard mainstream trends in fashion.  Educate yourself by understanding how your build, your hair and skin tones, your environment and your wallet affects what your style is.

We are all not the same – an outfit you see on the young man next to you may or may not work for you.

3.  Dressing sharp means to learn from the classics

Now that you are aware that a sharply dressed young man wears clean and fitted clothes and is a master of his personal style, the third level is to learn from the classics. More often than not “dressing sharp” conjures up the image of men from the past.

There is a reason why the clothes from our grandfather’s generation are considered to be classic. Classic menswear, unlike fashion trends, holds firm over time; there are no ebbs and flows of classic clothing.

4.  Dressing sharp means to excel

The last level of the definition of dressing sharp is excellence. The etymology of the word “excellence” comes from the Latin “excellere” which means to rise, to surpass and to be eminent.

Dressing sharp in the greatest sense is to rise above the social norms of the day. Jeans and t-shirts are a common sight in our society and for the most part this casual outfit is accepted in many locations. The problem is that jeans and a t-shirt does not rise above these social norms.